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Tamia is not in the Mood

Tamia, Tamia

Tamia is a princess in her own world. All of her needs and wants are met but yet, she still finds room to complain. She’s not in a good mood and it takes her teacher to help her realize that there are kids who don’t have nearly as much as she does but still have smiles on their faces and a positive attitude. Somebody needs to get that attitude in check!

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"My 4 year old and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The illustrations are vibrant and go along with the story very well. The story itself is relatable and by the end of the story a lesson was learned. There are even comprehension questions at the end! This is a book that will still be relevant as your child gets older. Thank you for pouring into our children in such a special way! I recommend this book."

Praise & Reviews

"My children really enjoyed reading this book. Every mom has a Tamia (says my son). A Must read!"

"I liked the images in the book and the story is for the whole family. It teaches all of us to be grateful and complain less."

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About Danielle Moses

Chosen to scribe and use the pen name, Danielle Moses, is a first time author beginning with entertaining the minds of children. Although a novice in writing, over ten years in education has given validity to experience and valuable lessons within the classroom. 

A native  of Atlanta, Georgia who enjoys visits to the beach and adventurous activities such as ziplining, parasailing. A mother, teacher, mentor and now an author.